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At C&C Lawn and Landscapes Management, LLC, we are dedicated to offering exceptional landscaping solutions to our clients. Our creativity and competence in this space are well-known, and we serve residential and business clients across Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. We prioritize customization, ensuring that all the landscape elements and components meet your aesthetic and functional specifications. It implies that your outdoor areas will be visually appealing and enjoyable to use. Our staff develops the best layouts and designs in an organized manner, maximizing the use of available space and providing you with a high return on investment while improving the value of your home or commercial property. Our company ensures that high quality and affordability go together and that you have easy access to comprehensive landscaping solutions under a single roof. Our team has a combined experience of over 27 years in the field, and we offer the following services.

Landscape Design & Installation

Most commercial and residential landscapes need careful planning and attention to detail. To achieve the best results, you need qualified specialists like us to create and build your landscape. We have decades of expertise in the sector and approach each client's project methodically. Our company's mission is to provide the finest possible services for our clients while remaining cost-effective. We can assist you with designing and installing a small residential garden or the planning and designing of a large commercial outdoor environment from the ground up. Additionally, we design and construct retaining walls, paved surfaces, water features, brickwork, and decorative rock structures. This service includes the installation of appropriate outdoor lighting, flowerbeds, and garden steps, among other things. In general, our ingenuity and ability add to the attractive appearance of your property. We emphasize quality, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. It ensures that our clients receive exceptional value every time they hire us for their extensive or small landscaping needs. Read More About Landscape Design & Installation >>

Plant & Flower Beds

Flowers, shrubs, and various sorts of plants all contribute to the landscape's vitality and vibrancy, and you must select them carefully. When planted in the perfect combination and quantity, Annuals and perennials can produce a continual green appeal in your property's exterior settings. We provide the best solutions, ideas, suggestions for plant and flower beds, and our knowledge and the expertise of seasoned industry specialists assure the best results. Our skilled team takes everything from foundation and soil preparation to aesthetic value. We will provide you with all the essential information to make the best plant and flower selections for your design aesthetic. As much as possible, we recommend native plants, shrubs, and plant species that contribute to the sustainability of your landscape. We purchase all our plants and flowers from well-established local nurseries, ensuring that they are healthy and of high quality. Read More About Plant & Flower Beds >>

Sod Installation

While many people enjoy having lawns on their properties, they dislike waiting weeks for the grass to mature. Additionally, they want yards that are simple to maintain and easy to repair if the grass becomes damaged or worn over the years. We provide our clients with superior sod installation services. Sod is pre-grown grass that comes in sheets or squares. We get the sod from reputable local nurseries and professionally install it after thoroughly prepping the ground. Sod installation is the ideal solution if you're searching for a quick lawn that you can begin using right after its installation. Because the grass has already grown, it is less susceptible to weed development. All these factors combine to make sod lawns a significantly superior alternative to seeded lawns, which is why most residential and commercial property owners now choose them. Since different types of sod grasses are available, we will provide you with the information you need, helping you decide which products suit your needs. Read More About Sod Installation >>

Landscape Maintenance

Selecting the right pieces and elements is critical in creating magnificent outdoor spaces. Additionally, you must install them appropriately. After all these features are in place, maintaining them becomes vital. Clients can count on us to provide superior landscape maintenance services. You'll find that our tailored solutions address all the essential areas and aspects of your home's exterior spaces while being extremely cost-effective. We execute this task as experienced landscape contractors since landscaping requires regular maintenance. Our company can design and build exquisite landscapes and provide business and residential clients with dependable and cost-effective landscape maintenance solutions. We possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to care for all living and masonry features on your property. With our assistance, you'll discover that your outdoor spaces appear spruced up and inviting all year round. We systematically create the best and most well-maintained landscapes on our client’s premises. Read More About Landscape Maintenance >>


Water does not flow opposite to gravity. Grading makes use of the fact that when rain falls or the snow melts, water will naturally flow down the slope due to gravity. We intentionally add subtle, nearly imperceptible gradients when we grade your land. Although the slopes are not steep enough to generate erosion, they direct water away from your home. Graded terrain will channel surplus water into strategically located drains and gutters. It prevents the water from reaching the sidewalk or the road adjacent to your property. This is one of the most effective methods for diverting water away from your home's foundation and avoiding basement flooding. We will begin by surveying the area and determining its topography. We carefully study the area and assess the land's natural slope to determine what we're dealing with. Once we have these specifications, we grade the ground properly to ensure that water does not pool in your garden. Read More About Grading >>

Paver Patios

We install custom paver patios. Our staff will manage all aspects of the project, from design to installation and project management to quality control. Consequently, you can rely on us to design and construct stunning hardscaping for your house, such as fantastic paver patios. Our objective is to exceed your expectations with our paver patio installation. The process begins with an in-depth discussion with our skilled design consultant. They'll spend time learning about your preferences, needs, and budget before providing advice on how to design outdoor spaces that fit your needs and preferences. Depending on your tastes and budget, we can install patios made of stone, brick, or concrete pavers. We place a high premium on open communication throughout the process, and the quality of our work meets your expectations. Our crew works efficiently to ensure that the patio project is completed on schedule. Read More About Paver Patios >>

Paver Driveways

Many residential and commercial properties include paver driveways as a regular feature. Most people are now moving away from asphalt, gravel, and concrete driveways in favor of pavers, which provide several advantages. A paver driveway, with proper maintenance, can last for decades, delivering good value for money. Installation and maintenance are straightforward, and these materials look gorgeous in any environment. You can pick concrete, stone, or brick pavers, and we will supply you with the best layouts and patterns. Additionally, we can help replace an existing concrete driveway with an aesthetically appealing and resilient paver installation. We ensure that all paver units are properly installed and that the feature is robust and resilient, critical aspects in areas with high pedestrian and vehicular activity. Our crew is ready to give you all the necessary information on the various types of pavers and products, assisting you in making the best selections. Read More About Paver Driveways >>


Opt for paver sidewalks if you're looking to create stunning outdoor areas on your property. We're the hardscaping experts to contact for all types of paving installations on commercial and residential properties. We can design and build high-quality paver sidewalks as per your ideas and specifications. Due to their adaptability, pavers can be used for various outdoor applications. They are suitable for sidewalks, walkways, and pathways, allowing skilled professionals like us to create great outdoor areas on their property. The use of paver stones enables highly skilled and trained hardscaping designers to install one-of-a-kind sidewalks for your property. Pavers of natural stone, concrete, or even brick are excellent for various surfaces, including heavily used sidewalks. Because these materials require less care, they will save you money on upkeep, and the surfaces will last for decades if you maintain them well. Read More About Sidewalks >>

Pool Decks

We specialize in pool decking that properly showcases your swimming pool. Do you require a completely new pool area or an update to an existing one? We are professionals with all the necessary skills to handle these tasks. You'll gain more usable space on your property with the addition of a pool deck, and we manage all aspects of the process, from design to installation. Our staff will work with you to match your specifications and create a space where you, your family, and guests can enjoy some splendid poolside moments. The team can turn the area surrounding the pool's decking into an incredible entertainment zone. We combine our creativity, experience, and ability to create stunning outdoor living spaces on your property, using the best materials in our work, so you have a long-lasting and appealing deck. You can be confident that the decking we design for you will be exceptional in every respect. Read More About Pool Decks >>

Fence Installation

Fencing is a necessary component of most commercial and residential environments. They not only function as a property line but may also be used to divide areas inside the yard or landscaping. Additionally, many homeowners like to install wooden fences around their porches, patios, and swimming pools. We've been in this field for a long time, and our team's combined experience exceeds 27 years. We have the expertise, knowledge, and abilities necessary to install various fences on residential and businesses. Our company offers a variety of fence materials, including wood, vinyl, cedar, chain link, wrought iron, and ornamental iron. Whether you want to install privacy fencing around the whole perimeter of your yard or need just a typical pool fence, we can help. Our crew is organized in their work, thoroughly evaluates the site, and notes any requirements you may have before providing suitable fencing designs and ideas. Read More About Fence Installation >>

Pond Installation & Maintenance

Today, a substantial percentage of property owners in Virginia Beach and the neighboring areas approach us to design one-of-a-kind ponds. Pond installations are excellent in every way—they infuse any setting with vitality and serenity while also adding to its attractiveness. Our specialty is designing ponds, and we work directly with you to guarantee that you have the water features you want. A custom pond can soon become the focal point of the landscape while also complementing other structures. We have the expertise to build the ponds of your dreams, and you can select from Koi ponds, natural ponds, waterfall ponds, and goldfish ponds. Once the pond is installed, we assist with its upkeep by inspecting the filters and other machinery to verify that it is operating correctly. We value innovation, efficiency, timeliness, and the use of top-quality materials. We keep our costs competitive and strive to guarantee that our clients are pleased with our services. Read More About Pond Installation & Maintenance >>


Irrigation systems are critical components of landscapes. Our business has upgraded and improved several irrigation systems for commercial and residential clients around the region. Along with assisting with the best equipment and supplies, we also plan and methodically build your irrigation system. We use the best irrigation products in the market to function well for a long time. The primary objective is to ensure that your landscape receives the appropriate quantity of water at the correct intervals. It contributes to the health and sustainability of your vegetation, trees, and grass. After thoroughly examining the environment or yard, we install automated sprinkler systems, soaker hoses, and modern drip irrigation systems. Additionally, we provide irrigation system updates and expansions as needed and help maintain these features. In a nutshell, you receive all the irrigation services you need under one roof, which is a significant convenience. Read More About Irrigation >>

Snow Removal

We provide dependable snow and ice disposal services throughout the winter season tailored to your unique needs. We've been in this field for a long time and have the resources and abilities necessary to do this task safely and quickly. Our customer base continues to increase every year, and our clients recognize they can count on us for all their seasonal snow and ice removal requirements. You cannot predict when a snowstorm will strike, and it only takes a few hours to be snowed in. This is not a cause for alarm, though, if you maintain our phone number on hand. Allow our experts to take care of this time-consuming chore of snow removal from your property. Additionally, we will de-ice your paved surfaces, ensuring that your outdoor space is safe to use. We make it a point to keep an eye on current weather conditions to respond quickly when you need our services. Read More About Snow Removal >>

Dog Litter CLEANUP

Dog excrement not only has an unpleasant smell but is unsightly; it can also be hazardous to animal and human health. That is why it is vital to dispose of canine excrement properly. If you're short on time or patience, assign this chore to our hardworking team. We offer a sanitary and ecologically friendly solution for accumulated dog waste in your backyard. Our experienced pet waste collectors will gather and dispose of the pet's feces properly, which may contain pathogens and illnesses. Our main objective while cleaning your yard is to go above and beyond your expectations. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you are dissatisfied with the job the first time, we will redo it till you are. We are devoted to providing the highest quality services and have many repeat clients that opt for our dog litter cleanup services every week to keep their outdoor areas clean and hygienic. Read More About Dog Litter CLEANUP >>

We offer cost-effective, reliable, and efficient landscaping services to our clients. Our company makes sure that every feature, element, and component of your landscape is unique, functional, and attractive. Because we offer a range of landscaping services under a single roof, managing all these aspects of landscape planning, installation and maintenance becomes hassle-free, convenient, and affordable for you. Our experts are proactive in providing solutions, and you can be sure to get the types of services you need within your budget. We are creative, skilled, knowledgeable, and highly experienced in every aspect of residential and commercial landscaping. Regardless of your project scope and requirements, we are here to help. Our team is here to provide you with all the information you need about our services and how we can customize these for you. For additional information, please call C&C Lawn and Landscapes Management LLC at 757-348-1019 or send us your queries via this Online Form, and we will respond quickly.

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