Pond Installation & Maintenance

Pond Installation, Norwalk, VA

The art of beautiful landscaping and outdoor planning involves more than just a few components, such as softscaping and hardscaping. It's about achieving balance and harmony using other features like ponds and waterfalls.

Today, a sizable majority of homeowners in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas contact us to create unique ponds. Pond installations are fantastic in every way—they breathe life and tranquility into any environment while also increasing the aesthetics factor. At C&C Lawn and Landscapes Management, LLC, we have created the most stunning water features for our residential and commercial clients around the region.

Types of Ponds

Customizing ponds is our specialty, and we work closely with you to ensure that you get the types of water features you need. A bespoke pond may quickly become the focus of the landscape while complementing other installations in that space. We know how to design the ponds of your dreams, and you can select from the following features:

  • Fountain Pond - A pump-powered fountain rises from the pond in this feature. As the spray of water rises into the air and falls back to the surface, it helps oxygenate the pond.

  • Goldfish Ponds: - We may also include waterfalls and fountains in them. However, because they have goldfish, we install water filters to ensure the water's purity. Additionally, it helps guarantee that the water is well aerated, which is essential when you have fish in it.

  • Pond with a Waterfall - This is arguably the most popular pond style. These have a calming sound as the water softly falls natural stone levels into the custom pond installed at the base.

  • Koi Ponds - If your landscaping has an Asian theme, a Koi Pond is the ideal complement. Koi are tamed carp that thrive in ponds when cared for well. We can help plan, design, and install this pond for you.

  • Natural Ponds - These are also known as wildlife ponds and include a high concentration of aquatic plants.

Customized Pond Maintenance Services

In addition to custom designing the pond, we can create any ambiance you like in the area surrounding the water feature. For instance, we can create Mediterranean, Woodland, or Asian-style settings to ensure that you have a garden that you are genuinely proud of. If you're looking for thoughtfully planned and expertly constructed ponds, you've come to the right place. Our team includes the most imaginative and astute designers, and our trained and experienced craftsmen guarantee that your custom pond installation is executed to perfection.

Once the pond is in place, we also help with its maintenance, check the filter and other equipment to ensure everything works perfectly. We place a premium on innovation, efficiency, and timely execution, as well as the use of the highest-quality materials. We keep our prices reasonable and ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our services.

We offer affordable, unique pond designs and installations, so our clients get excellent value every single time. Our team will help with your water feature and other landscaping requirements. For additional information, please call C&C Lawn and Landscapes Management, LLC, at 757-348-1019 or send us your queries via this Online Form, and we will respond quickly.

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