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Whatever the size of your landscape and the types of shrubs, trees, or lawn areas you have, you must have an adequate irrigation system in place to keep them healthy and attractive. C&C Lawn and Landscapes Management, LLC, has over 27 years of combined expertise serving residential and commercial clients in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas.

Our company goes above and above to meet our client's unique needs, giving them exceptional value each time they employ us. Do you need a respite from the tedious process of lawn watering? Several modern irrigation technologies on the market almost remove the need for physical work. Put an end to your concern over whether you're adequately watering your plants.

We can install irrigation systems that can be programmed to irrigate the grass on a specific day. Many also detect the moisture content in topsoil to estimate how much water your lawn needs! We offer the best services in the area for drip irrigation systems, automated sprinkler systems, and irrigation controllers.

Aspects We Consider in Irrigation System Planning

Regardless of the size of the project, we address it with the same degree of skill. We use a systematic approach, considering various variables even before work begins, such as:

  • The grade and inclination of your property's land
  • Plant varieties
  • The water requirements of diverse plant species
  • Requirements for automated/manual systems
  • Specifications for irrigation system maintenance

When installing irrigation as part of a more comprehensive landscaping project, we collaborate with you and help with system selection. Selecting plants and trees with similar watering requirements is always a wise choice, as it contributes to your landscape's energy efficiency. Consequently, your utility bills will decrease.

Irrigation Systems Design & Construction

We can assist you in reducing the quantity of water used in your landscaping by utilizing our knowledge in the area. Today, numerous property owners attempt to "go green" by conserving water, energy, and other natural resources. We recognize and acknowledge this trend and provide our clients with water-efficient solutions. As a socially responsible business, we employ environmentally friendly practices that benefit our clientele and the environment.

Our staff can improve your present irrigation and sprinkler installations using cutting-edge technologies. We can go into further depth on how current technology benefits the environment while also saving you money in the long run. Along with irrigation and sprinkler systems, we also replace faulty components.

Cost-Effective Irrigation Installations

Our irrigation professionals work directly with our landscape designers to achieve the best outcomes possible, with the ultimate objective of providing you with the most value for your money. We are experts who go above and above to guarantee our clients receive the best service possible.

We offer quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness so our clients get excellent value every single time. Our team is here to help with your irrigation and other landscaping requirements. For additional information, please call C&C Lawn and Landscapes Management, LLC, at 757-348-1019 or send us your queries via this Online Form and we will respond quickly.

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